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Saftey isn’t expensive, it’s priceless


Upright Industrial Group, Inc (UIG) was formed in June 2014 as a multi-craft industrial maintenance contractor that provides Professional Engineering, in house safety training and soft craft specialty services to the industrial, manufacturing and commercial markets. With more than half a century of hands on experience each customer is assured that every job gets a professional touch. When you combine this with family orientated ethics, core values and integrity you will see why Upright isn’t just the name of our business. It’s the way we do business.

Our services include Engineering, Scaffolding,Shoring, Equipment Rental, Protective Coatings, Sand Blasting, Insulation, Heat Tracing and General Labor.

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About Us

UIG was formed to meet the high demands of the construction industry and to provide superior quality labor, high end equipment rental, and professional engineering services, in scaffolding, shoring, insulation, heat tracing, painting, blasting and protective coatings.  Our concept was to join years of hands on technical knowledge, with professional expertise.  Since conception, UIG has prided ourselves in safety, quality and service.  UIG is always ready to advise, consult and offer our professional opinion on any project without obligation.  UIG is ready to provide a professional touch to your project!

Our Culture

Upright Industrial Group is continually training and educating our team members in both safety and craft.  We know that safety and productivity go hand in hand and we strive to impart this principle to each of our team members by improving lines of communication, clearly outlining expectations and assessing the delivered product. UIG prioritizes safety with our in house training programs that teach our team members how to recognize hazards and minimize risks while on the job site.


Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe. -Abraham Lincoln

There is no substitute for planning, so let UIG help with our in-house engineering.  UIG offers professional engineering services that can turn a design concept into a design solution.  We are ready to design, draw, calculate and answer any of your technical questions.


Please feel free to call at any time, or let us come to you and discuss our services in more detail.

We can develop, plan, and execute your next project so you can be assured that everything goes safely and smoothly.

Our Certificate of Registration by the Texas Board of Professional Engineers is (F-18631)

    • Engineering and Design

    • Consulting

    • Calculations

    • Review and Approval

    • Specifications

    • CAD Design

    • Stamped and Sealed drawings



Starting with Scaffolding Great Britain (SGB) in the early 80’s, UIG’s management team has spent over 35 years providing, installing, and renting scaffolding in the industrial, manufacturing and commercial markets.


Our crews are well versed in servicing Refineries, Power Plants, Paper and Pulp Mills, Cement and Aggregate Plants, Chemical plants, Food and Beverage facilities and Government and Manufacturing facilities throughout the US. You will take comfort knowing that UIG has a comprehensive understanding surrounding the safety protocols required to work at your plant.


UIG also specializes in the erection and dismantling of Shoring and/or Re-shoring systems.  Unlike scaffolding shoring, re-shoring can be needed in a moment?s notice.  Certain events such as natural disasters, adverse weather conditions, or compromised structural components can all require immediate shoring attention.


  • Sales Erection and Dismantle

  • Rental Services

  • Boiler scaffolds

  • System Scaffolds

  • Heavy Duty Shoring/Re-shoring

  • Stair Towers

  • Edge Protection

  • Pedestrian Protection

  • Trash Chutes

  • Stages and Decks

  • Freeze Protection

  • Shrink-wrap and Containment



UIG’s insulation teams consist of skilled craftsmen who are meticulous in their day to day project capabilities, whether performing metal work, sowing blankets, cutting gores, or just constructing duct in one of our fabrication shops. We offer a vast array of services in every aspect of industrial and commercial insulation applications.

Our insulation management team has spent more than a decade designing both commercial and industrial mechanical systems. We have worked on a wide variety of designs that include pneumatic conveying systems, boiler system designs, chilled water plant designs, decontamination rooms, and geothermal HVAC systems. Our technical understanding of specialty designs and different types of insulation systems, will help us provide you with a professional service to any of our broad spectrum of specialty services.

  • Industrial

  • Commercial

  • Thermal

  • Cryogenic

  • Heat Loss analysis Reporting

  • Sheet metal

  • Blanket Building

  • Heat Tracing

  • Specialty Applications

  • Freeze protection


UIG’s industrial coatings team has the expertise and equipment required to perform the smallest of hand tool jobs to the large scale sand blasting jobs that require skilled crews working around the clock.

Whatever your needs, our experienced coatings craftsmen are ready to perform.  Allow us to review the scope, perform inspections, and write the specifications.

Our NACE level 3 coatings experts will help you formulate a corrosion prevention plan, followed by a professionally installed coatings system.

    • Blasting

    • High Pressure wash

    • Floor Coatings

    • Striping

    • Concrete Repair

    • Tank Linings

    • Surface Preparation

    • Secondary Containment

    • Corrosion Control

    • Pipelines

    • Thermal Spraying

    • CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation)

    • Lead Abatement and Lead Encapsulation

    • Waterproofing


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