UIG’s management team has an extensive knowledge of the installation and dismantling of scaffolding. Starting in the early 1980’s we have been involved in some of the most intricate and complex of designs on both large and small projects. From industrial to commercial, design or straight rental, we have a scaffold solution for your project.

Our crews are well versed in servicing refineries, power plants, paper and pulp mills, cement and aggregate plants, chemical plants, food and beverage facilities and government and manufacturing facilities throughout the US.  You can take comfort in knowing that UIG has a comprehensive understanding of all the safety protocols required to work in these environments.



UIG  specializes in the erection and dismantling of Shoring and/or Re-shoring systems.  Unlike scaffolding shoring, and re-shoring can be needed at a moment’s notice.  Certain events such as natural disasters, adverse weather conditions, or compromised structural components can all require immediate shoring attention. Call our 24 hour number for rapid response.







  • Sales Erection and Dismantle

  • Rental Services

  • Boiler scaffolds

  • System Scaffolds

  • Heavy Duty Shoring/Re-shoring

  • Stair Towers

  • Edge Protection

  • Pedestrian Protection

  • Trash Chutes

  • Stages and Decks

  • Freeze Protection

  • Shrink-wrap and Containment